Procedure Management

Struggling to manage your policies and procedures? Struggle no more. Our SharePoint based solution is proven to bring complete control to your fingertips.

Key Benefits

Upload any doc type - word/excel/visio/pdf

Advanced Search functionality to find specific procedures

Audit trail allows for identifying single points of failure and amending processes to avoid problems in the future.

Ability to respond easily to internal or external changes and modify the system to suit.

User friendly system built on SharePoint

Does your organisation face these problems?

  Policies and procedures hard to find

  Multiple versions of the same policy

  No automated process for creating policies

  No audit trail to track who did what

  No review process to know what policies are current

  Risk of compliance breaches if audited

  Ownership lost when authors leave

  No delegation process

  Difficult to create procedures

  Manual task to approve procedures

Key Features

Simplify Procedure Creation
Create new procedures efficiently using our Procedure Wizard
Review and Approve
Direct documents to the people who need to review and approve them
Assign and Reassign Owners
Ensuring every procedure has an owner and ownership can be reassigned
Delegate Tasks
Perform the review or delegate it to another team member
View and Audit Trail
Identify single points of failure and amend processes to avoid problems in the future
Advanced Search Functionality
Search for specific content and refine results to find what you need
Dynamic Dashboards
 Track policy creation process, policies ready for renewal and more
Expiration Notifications
Find out when a policy is due for renewal
Version Control
Rollback or compare to previous versions, no need to copy files
Familiar software
Use Microsoft Office to create and edit documents
Reminder Checklist
Ensure the procedure is complete with a checklist to tick off
Automatic Notifications
Get notified when a task needs your attention
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