Customer Story


One of our customers, Pillar Superannuation, a large superannuation firm, have over 5,000 procedures that staff follow to do certain tasks. For example, a procedure on how to create a new superannuation account for a certain client.

With literally thousands of procedures, one of the main problems was that staff could not find the procedures they were searching for. The procedures were stored on SharePoint in folders but Search was not optimally configured. Procedures were not tagged or organized in a clear way.

Staff resorted to printing out procedures so they wouldn’t get “lost” – which unbeknowns to them, became out of date, creating great risk for the business. This not only became a problem as staff were following instructions incorrectly, but also breached government regulations. As the company was regularly audited, this was a huge problem.

Our solution allowed Pillar Superannuation to.

  1. Create draft procedures based on templates
  2. Answer a checklist to ensure the author has included all elements required
  3. Select criteria applicable to the procedure and later to Search results
  4. Select a Peer reviewer to review the draft procedure
  5. The peer reviewer could reject or accept the delegation
  6. The peer reviewer then updates the procedure and if appropriate submits if for compliance review
  7. The compliance officer then rejects – or accepts and updates the procedure.
  8. The procedure is finally published.

All procedures are then fully searchable. For example find all procedures that relate to Tax File Numbers. These can then be updated whenever relevant legislation changes.

A dashboard also displays the procedures in process eg in draft, in review, published etc.

The system can be configured to be unique to each organization that wants to implement it. For example, the fields and data for an accounting company would be different to a superannuation company.

“When Pillar Administration started looking into a new procedure management system, our needs were very unique.
In configuring Procedure Management for Pillar, Webvine took the time to really drill down into the detail by asking specific, thought provoking questions, and came up with great suggestions that we hadn’t considered.
No system is any good unless there is good uptake by the users.  Webvine guided us to help us make the end user experience a good one.  We can now create, manage, find and collaborate on thousands of procedures stress-free.  Procedure Management is an excellent solution by WebVine.”

–Therésa Garcia, Organisational Development Process Analyst, Pillar Administration