Most organisations poorly manage policy and procedure documents that staff need to follow.   Staff experience a discombobulating document creation process, a needle in a haystack search experience or a zero reporting ability or audit trail. This can cost organisations in wasted time, reduced confidence in information integrity and even compliance breach.

Our extensive work in delivering SharePoint solutions for customers has led us to solve this policy lifecycle problem. We help Change Managers, Compliance Departments, Risk Management Teams, Human Resources Managers, Policy Administration, and IT Managers to turnaround their policy lifecycle with our SharePoint Procedure Management System.

Our Procedure Management system ensures your document creation, review and approval process is automated, simple and painless. The system can be configurable to match the unique requirements of your organization recognising that your fields and workflows are different from other organisations.

Procedure Management runs on SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online. It can be deployed and configured on your environment according to your IT needs. The solution does not include any controls or executables that would worry IT, and is also modifiable by you once it is deployed. We provide training to your technical staff so they can manage future business requests.

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